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Do you support the proposal of a European Action Plan to promote employee share ownership?
If YES, please tell us and add your comments.
If NO, why?


Patrick Verelst, CEO, Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers, Belgium
VFB fully supports the Manifesto to improve information as well as awareness about the benefits of share ownership throughout Europe.

Evelyn Regner, Member of the European Parliament, S&D Group, Austria
Evelyn Regner unterstützt sehr gerne das Manifest.
Mit lieben Grüßen

Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Member of the European Parliament, ALDE Group, Spain
Mi nombre es Izaskun Bilbao Barandica. Soy eurodiputada del Partido Nacionalista Vasco y Vicepresidenta del grupo ALDE y paso a contestar sus preguntas sobre Accionariado asalariado
¿Apoya la propuesta de un Plan de Acción Europeo para promover el accionariado asalariado?
Completamente. Lo considero un paso fundamental para mejorar las relaciones laborales, para fijar el empleo al territorio y para estimular la aportación y mejorar la gestión del talento que necesitamos para que el crecimiento sea inteligente y el desarrollo económico integrador.
Yo provengo del país vasco la región europea en la que la economía social está más desarrollada... See full Response


Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament, EPP Group, Finland
Yes I support the proposal of a European Action Plan.
Many thanks for sharing this Manifesto with me. My response to your Manifesto is the following: All EU countries should have legislation for the development of employee share ownership because of the successful model such policies have provided to the benefit of both companies and employees.


Elmar Brok, Member of the European Parliament, EPP Group, Germany
I am convinced that Employee Financial Participation schemes, combined with workers' co-determination in companies, have a clear added value for both employees and companies.
They contribute to a shared sense of ownership, job satisfaction and have shown much stronger resilience in times of crisis.
This makes employee ownership a key element to guide our fast changing workplaces, characterised by digitalisation, demographic shifts and new employment models, in the right direction.
The next European Commission should promote and support employee ownership and participation with a clear action plan, building on the success of the pilot project finalised in 2014, including a set of easy-to-implement employee ownership models and tailored support for companies.

Krzysztof Ludwiniak, Forum for Employee Ownership and Domestic Capital Development, Poland
We fully support a European Action Plan to Promote Employee Share Ownership. European Action Plan should become a formative document of New European Socio-Economic Model which will promote convergence of capital and labor economic interest trough equity participation in the company ownership structures. See full Letter of Support

Aldo Sicurani, French Federation of Individual Investors and Investment Clubs (F2iC)
The French Federation of Individual Investors and Investment Clubs (F2iC) considers that employee share ownership is one of the fundamental pillars for the preservation and development of individual shareholders. It contributes to a better knowledge of economic and financial realities and mechanisms, to a much more efficient allocation of savings and contributes to the stability of companies' equity. This is why the F2iC fully supports the European Action Plan to promote employee ownership.

Geert Janssens, Expert financial participation ETION, Belgium
Yes, we do subscribe the manifest !

Philippe Lamberts, Member of the European Parliament, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, Belgium
Merci beaucoup pour votre manifeste. Nous prenons en charge les demandes de ce type d'une manière centralisée, je l'ai donc fait suivre en interne et nous vous reviendrons dans les prochaines semaines.

Ecolo Party, Belgium
Votre courriel nous est bien parvenu et retient notre meilleure attention. Nous assurons le suivi comme souhaité, quant à la demande d'avis. Sur le principe, nous soutenons le Plan d'Action Européen. Nous soutenons le principe de l'actionnariat salarié mais il nous est important de le mettre en place au niveau national avec des balises claires : entrée dans le capital couplée à une participation des travailleurs aux décisions stratégiques et aux bénéfices de l'entreprise.

Elena Gentile, Member of the European Parliament, S&D Group, Italy     
 Here is my budgetary amendment for a European Action Plan     



Renate Weber, Member of the European Parliament, ALDE Group, Romania
Here was our budgetary amendment in 2017


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