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 A French Success Story

Since the beginning of the year, the number of Employee Ownership Trusts in the UK has been growing at an increasing rate.

At this pace, the number of companies passed on to employees will double this year to 600 or 700. Since the formula was put in place in April 2014, just a few years ago, it has been a success.

In comparison, France set up a "takeover FCPE" system in 2006 (FCPE de reprise).

In France, too, the figure is rising sharply. Indeed, only two cases of company transfers to takeover FCPEs had occurred between 2006 and 2020, but this number could rise to three in 2021, i.e. +50%. This would place France not far from the +100% expected in Great Britain and in any case much higher than all other European countries.

The takeover FCPE was designed on the same principle as the FCPEs that are so successful in large companies. In both cases, these are employee share purchase plans.

Under the share purchase plans, employees are invited to invest a portion of their savings in company shares. To this end, they benefit from incentives (price discounts, company contributions, tax bonuses, etc). These plans are well suited to large companies, whose size is a factor in mitigating financial risk.

On the other hand, buying the shares of an SME is a much riskier operation. And the investment by employees in an SME is generally made during a business transfer, so a significant part of the company, often 100%, must be purchased. Generally, employee savings are not within the scope of such an operation.

The countries that have been most successful in organising an employee ownership policy in SMEs are those that have adopted financial mechanisms that are essentially different from share purchase plans.

ESOP plans in the United States and Employee Ownership Trusts in the United Kingdom are not employee share purchase plans. Employees do not take the risk of investing their personal savings. These employee share ownership plans are therefore much less risky. And yet they allow employees to become owners of their company, often 100% thereof.

There is nothing to prevent the same financial mechanisms being adopted in France. Nothing serious stands in the way of implementing an effective employee share ownership policy in SMEs, thus heralding a new French success story.

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