Per la prima volta dall’inizio della crisi finanziaria il numero degli azionisti dipendenti in Europa non č aumentato

The percentage of large European companies having employee ownership and employee share plans for all employees is still continuously growing.
However, the number of employee shareholders slightly decreased to 9,65 million people last year, and the democratization rate of employee ownership (measured as the percentage of employee shareholders amongst all employees) went back to 28,2%.
The share held by employees in the ownership structure of European companies confirmed its growing trend, even during the financial crisis. However, a new differentiation appears between top executives and other employees since the beginning of the crisis.
The share held by common employees is continuously decreasing since 2009. At the contrary, top executives increased their share in companies' capital.
As a consequence, the average capitalization held by each of the 8.845 top executives in large European companies in 2012 raised to 9,1 million Euro, compared to the average capitalization of 11.500 Euro held by each of the 9,6 million common employee shareholders.
This picture of a first decrease in the democratization of employee ownership since the financial crisis may be related to some recent negative political orientations decided in a number of European countries regarding employee share ownership, for instance in Ireland, The Netherlands, France (higher taxation), or even in the UK (maximum savings limits in employee share plans have not been increased since 2000).
In addition, nothing effective was made for the promotion of employee share ownership in Eastern and Southern Europe.
The average democratization rate in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain was no more than 10,8% in 2012, and it was even lower in most Eastern countries, compared to 31% in the rest of Europe.
This is the main conclusion of the new economic survey of employee ownership in European countries in 2012.
The survey brings exhaustive information, based on the census of the 2.493 largest European companies employing 34,2 million people in 2012
(compared to 32,8 million in 2011).

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