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Through the European Employee Ownership Top 100 rankings, for the first time in 2006, we are able to rank and analyse all European largest companies, in a full systematic way. The rankings 2006 have been first published during the Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership on 14-16 December 2006 in Brussels.

  All presentations of the Conference
Here are all presentations made during the conference. Missing presentations will be added in coming days.
- Short Analysis of The European Employee Ownership Top 100 in 2006 - Marc Mathieu, EFES
- Press presentation - The European Employee Ownership Top 100 in 2006
- Présentation de presse - Le Top 100 Actionnariat Salarié Europe en 2006
- The European Employee Ownership Top 100 in 2006, full presentation - Marc Mathieu, EFES
- Obstacles to employee ownership multinational plans - Marc Mathieu, EFES
- Eircom - A presentation of the Eircom ESOP - Maoiliosa O'Culachain, Global Shares, Ireland
- Société Générale - Global Employee Share Ownership Program - Denis Auxenfans, Société Générale, France
- Voestalpine - Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Voestalpine AG - Max Stelzer, Voestalpine, Austria
- British Telecom All-Employee Share Plans - Alan Scott, BT, UK
- Total - Social partners involvement for efficient employee share ownership plans - François Vincent, Total, France
- Ireland - Employee share ownership in Ireland, a trade union perspective - Bernard Daly, Ireland
- Österreich - Vorschläge der Österreichischen Sozialpartner in Dezember 2006 - Laura Pretterebner, Austria
- Insolvency, Employee Rights & Employee Buyouts, A Strategy for Restructuring - Anthony Jensen, UK
- France - The French Indice de l'Actionnariat Salarié (Employee Ownership Share Index) - Nelly Voyeux, France
- USA - Employee Ownership Indices and Investment Funds in the USA, 1992 to present - John Hoffmire, USA
- Israel - Stock Options in Israel - Simon Lavee, Lavee Law & GEO, Israel
- Belgium - Employee ownership as a mean to optimize executive's variable pay - Françoise Platteborse, ING Bank, Belgium
- Netherlands - Monidee Finance software solutions for employee ownership plans, Hans Van Tol
- LawInContext - Online database on law and tax regulation for employee ownership plans in all countries in the world (coming soon)

 Full report and pictures of the conference
- All pictures of the conference
- Report of the conference

 Press information
- France: La Missive de Gestion Attentive - Sixième Rencontre Européenne de l'Actionnariat Salarié (Missive n°24 - janvier 2007)
- Italia: Poche e di basso profilo le presenze italiane (La Newsletter del Centro Studi - 31 gennaio 2007)
- Belgium: Les champions de l'actionnariat salarié. En Belgique, seuls Colruyt et Dexia sortent du lot (Trends Tendances 25.1.2007)
- Spain: MCC encabeza el ranking europeo de empleo en las empresas de 'Accionariado Asalariado'
- USA: Employee ownership not just for US workers (The retirement plan blog)
- Italia: Bolletino Internazionale Brambilla - Gennaio 2007 - L'azionariato dei dipendenti
- 3 full pages in the major Slovenian newspaper DELO of 8.1.2007
- Belgie: De Tijd - Weinig aandelen in handen van Belgische werknemers
- Union Network International: mployee Ownership: Few IT companies among the top 100
- België kent relatief lage werknemersparticipatie
- België kent relatief lage werknemersparticipatie

 Programme of the meeting
Invitation, programme and practical information





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