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Barometr politiky zaměstnaneckého vlastnictví
v Evropských zemích

24 European countries now have policies for the promotion and the development of employee share ownership, on which 20 in the European Union.

This is driving our barometer to its all-time high.

France, Denmark, Croatia, Serbia, they all introduced new pieces of incentive legislation this year. In addition, new initiatives are expected in The Netherlands and in Lithuania on 1.1.2020.

With its "PACTE Law" for "Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation", France (already number one for employee share ownership in Europe) took the decision to double its employee share ownership by 2030, which would put it at the level reached today by the USA.

An important signal for all Europeans.

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Press review
We have a selection of 16 remarkable articles in 4 countries in August 2019: China, France, United Kingdom, USA.
China: Shanghai plans to allow foreigners employed by regional headquarters of multinational companies to receive stock options on the A-share market, part of its bid to become a global financial powerhouse.
France: New employee share plans for Axa, for Société Générale. Focus on some examples of French companies, then in difficulty, having been saved thanks to the mobilization and the implication of employees. Following its "Pacte Law", France expects to double employee savings in SMEs in 2020.
UK: Some new firms moving to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme.
USA: Some new companies moving to employee ownership through ESOP plans. The employee buyout playbook for startups.

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