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Conference on public policies for employee ownership in Europe
The conference will be held in Brussels on November 26. With both European Commissioners László Andor  and Michel Barnier, Pervenche Berčs from the European Parliament and many other high representatives. The conference is organized by the EFES for the Belgian Presidency of the European Union. Still time to take part !! Practical information

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Press review
Much new information about employee ownership in October 2010, with 1.560 articles in this press review (on which 531 involving stock options and 391 about workers' cooperatives). We made a selection of 49 remarkable articles in 13 countries: Arab Emirates, Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, UK, USA, South Africa.
Arab Emirates: The prevalence of long-term incentives is a concept that is still in its infancy in the UAE.
Argentina: Worker-recuperated enterprises – the numbers.
Canada: Business transmission through workers cooperatives.
Germany: New provider for the management of employee share plans.
Spain: International conference in the Basque Country: Promoting business transmission through the ESOP model. Employee-owned company Foradia celebrates its 30th anniversary.
France: A workers co-operative in the movies: Women rescuing companies. France going to miss the transposition of the Shareholders Directive? New employee share plans for Anovo and AXA. Annual survey of employee savings.
India: With the stock market nearing its all-time high, employee stock option plans, or Esops, are touted as one of the best tools to create long-term wealth.
Italy: Successful international conference on employee ownership in Rome. Workers co-operatives facing the crisis: The numbers.
Pakistan: More than 500.000 labour and workers will benefit from the Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme to make them share holders in industrial enterprises.
Poland: New privatisations, 15% being ususally reserved for employee shares. Report on employee ownership in the EU and the USA, by the Ministry of Treasury.
UK: Royal Mail sale plans would make it the UK's largest ever employee share ownership scheme by a firm being privatised. Public services moving towards employee buyouts: Private sector will not be enough to create the efficient operations required by the coalition government, says an expert in employee-owned businesses.
USA: Owners using Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) to sell. How ESOPs work?
South Africa: Black economic empowerment (BEE) leads to the emergence of employee share option plans (Esops), which look good on paper… The Clicks Group announced a broad-based BEE employee share ownership scheme that will see 10 percent of the group's shares issued to employees.

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 Exercising employee shareholders rights in European companies

Una hoja de ruta politica para el accionariado asalariado en Europa

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