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Not just a sample but an exhaustive picture based on the EFES database (the 2.600 European companies gathering 95% of employment in all European listed companies).




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The stake held  by employees in large European companies continues its rise. It had never been so high before, with 3.20% in 2016 (see chart).

Even through the European crisis, employee ownership  demonstrates again and again its status as a formidable engine of participation and development. Assets per person have doubled since 2009.

This growing ownership stake means that, even among largest European companies, the employees' ownership stake is significant, strategic or even controlling in many cases.

The Survey is based on the 2.335 European listed companies of significant size in 2016. All together, this was a stock market capitalization of 10.147 billion Euro in 2016, or 99% of the whole European stock market capitalization and 95% in terms of employment. These 2.335 companies give thus an exhaustive picture of all European listed companies.

Among these companies, the employees' ownership stake was "significant" in 1.220 or 52% of them (employees holding 1% or more), it was "strategic" in 464 or 20% of them (employees holding 6% or more) and it was "controlling" in 266 or 11% of them (employees holding 20% or more). These figures are considerable
Many remarkable cases can be pointed out among European companies, even the largest, considering employee ownership. For instance Voestalpine - steel industry in Austria - with 48.000 employees holding 14.5% or 721 million € in 2016, Saint-Gobain - building materials in France - with 170.000 employees holding 8.1% or 1.788 million €, Veidekke - heavy construction in Norway - with 7.000 employees holding 15.4% or 241 million €, Svenska Handelsbanken in Sweden with 12.000 employees holding 10.3% or 2.082 million €, Mondragon Corporación - multisectoral in Spain, with 74.000 employees holding 89.9% or 4.026 million €, Siemens in electronics in Germany with 348.000 employees holding 3.1% or 2.532 million €, Prysmian in wire and cable industry in Italy with 19.000 employees holding 2.5% or 115 million € in 2016.

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"Anyway thanks to you and your hard work, and your wonderful reports - I am an associate professor now, so thank you very much for your help. Now I am preparing this version in English, so I try to put the most recent data."

"That's really great work! Congratulations and thank you. I think the survey is very helpful for the discussion here in Germany. We will publish it on our homepage and distribute the paper in our network. Best wishes"

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"Can you provide data on individual companies, e.g. in an excel spread sheet, so we can see which companies have stock options? This would be very useful for our statistical analysis."

"Sans votre soutien précieux, en m'aidant à constituer la base de données statistiques ayant permis la réalisation des deux études quantitatives longitudinales de l'impact de l'actionnariat salarié sur la performance des grandes entreprises françaises cotées, ma thèse n'aurait pas pu voir le jour."

  Database of employee ownership in European companies
The data are available for analysing companies, for benchmarking, for market research, as well as for research work and teaching, and for macroeconomic analysis. The database gathers economic and financial information about employee ownership in the 2.600 largest European companies, including listed and non-listed companies. More information

  The European Employee Ownership Top 100
The European Employee Ownership TOP 100 is designed with respect to two rankings of Europe's largest companies, considering employee ownership. In the EUROCAP100 ranking, companies are ranked by equity held by employees, in million Euro. In the EUROEMP100 ranking, companies that are 50% or more employee-owned are ranked by number of employees. Both rankings are published in the Economic Survey.

Each European country can easily be compared to others through a specific country file, using a set of 10 graphs, using fully comparable information. Here some country files: Belgium, France, Germany


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