2010 will be a key year in Europe for employee ownership at political level.
After the Parliament, it is time for the new European Commission to be appointed. Hearings of the new Commissioners will be organised in January. We sent a letter to those who should be mostly involved in employee ownership matters (Internal Markets, Industry & Entrepreneurship, Employment & Social Affairs).
We already can see that consideration for employee ownership is growing. Should employee ownership be encouraged because it brings better corporate performance, you don't get so much attention from political representatives. Could it be a way for better corporate governance, you suddenly get much more. Probably this is the way we can get progress in 2010.
We ask the new Commission to set up a recurring Forum on Employee Ownership in the framework of the European Corporate Governance Forum. We can see this idea is gaining ground.
In the same mind, the EFES is a partner of the European project led by DirCredito about "Exercising employee shareholders' rights in European companies". The project includes a European Conference in Rome in June 2010. All members of the EFES will be invited to take part.
The Belgian Presidency of the European Union in 2010 will also bring the opportunity for a Conference in November in Brussels, the theme being "Ten years of public policies for employee ownership in Europe" past, present and future.

Letter to Commissioner Laszlo Andor - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion
Letter to Commissioner Michel Barnier - Internal Market
Letter to Commissioner Antonio Tajani - Industry & Entrepreneurship





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