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The ESOP is the most iconic employee share plan in the world. It is so iconic that it is described as "the" Employee Stock Ownership Plan (which also brought some confusion).

No other model involves so many employee shareholders (14 million in the USA). It got the attention of the most famous employee ownership experts and researchers since it was launched in 1974.

Every year, these experts meet in San Diego, California, including many Europeans. It is the topic of most of the research and academic works about employee share ownership worldwide.

And it is the most effective and succesfull employee share scheme for SMEs.

A full dedicated library features more than 600 resources designed to help teaching and research  work about employee share ownership. All information about CLEO Library can be found here.

How can we introduce this type of employee share ownership plan in every European country? A group of European and American experts explains how in this publication.

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We have a selection of 19 remarkable articles in 5 countries in August 2020: Denmark, France, Pakistan, UK, USA.
Denmark: New legislation for employee share ownership in SMEs planned for 2021.
France: Despite the crisis, employee share ownership is still a good plan. A case of employee share ownership in an SME in France: Lucca, New employee share ownership plans for L'Oréal, for Vinci. New regulations make it easier for shareholders to take over a business. For the Chinese Huawei, employee shareholding is of the ESOP type, as in the USA or the United Kingdom.
Pakistan: Why stock options remain unpopular in Pakistan.
UK: The crisis intensifies for John Lewis. The Covid will accelerate employee share ownership. Several new companies under the control of Employee Shareholding Trusts.
USA: Corey Rosen: Employee ownership, the wealth gap, and the current crisis; . With ESOP plans, employees become part of the leadership. CLEO Library features more than 600 resources designed to help teaching and research  about employee share ownership.

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