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Congratulations from the Irish Parliament

The Irish Parliament likes this newsletter, he let us know by letter.
Every month, this newsletter highlights the significant facts of employee share ownership worldwide, as well as European policies.
The monthly press review is a fabulous source of information. It sheds light on proven facts and helps sort out fake news, delivering a story full of novelties and twists.
The progress and benefits of employee share ownership are becoming more and more evident.

Letter from the Irish Parliament

Press review
We have a selection of 21 remarkable articles in 5 countries in February 2019: France, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA.
France: Employee share ownership is spreading in Intermediate Size Businesses. The coming "Pacte Law" will fail to provide employee shareholders with financial advisory solutions. New employee share plan for Total, for Schneider Electric. Employee buy-outs for Securimut, for Handi-Wagala.
Ireland: Fears grow over Brexit threat to Irish staff share schemes.
South Africa: The ANC's election manifesto endorses employee share ownership.
UK: British Airways unions call for the re-introduction of an employee share ownership scheme. New Employee Ownership Trusts for Wales' leading TV production company.
USA: ESOPs increase optionality for business owners. Publix supermarket is the largest employee-owned company in the world. Allowing employees to own company shares is a powerful retention tool. 

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