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Only half as many layoffs

Companies with employee stock ownership had only half as many layoffs as other companies during the last two recessions.
A new study co-authored by Rutgers School of Management and Professor Douglas Kruse establishes the first conclusive link between broad-based employee stock ownership and increased employment stability in the USA.
"If good-paying, stable jobs are the economy’s goal, then encouraging employee stock ownership in companies makes a lot of sense," said Douglas Kruse.
"Employee ownership is often seen primarily as a way to improve employee relations and increase productivity, but these results show there is an important add-on effect on job stability".
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We have a selection of 25 remarkable articles in 9 countries in April 2017: Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, UK, USA.
Australia: Employee ownership is beginning to take off in Australia.
Austria: Income tax exemption on employee share plans increased from 1.460 to 3.000 € per year in 2016; Minister of Finance Schelling plans to double it again to 6.000€.
Finland: New employee share plan for Nixun.
France: Employees become majority shareholders of GA Group. A picture of workers cooperatives in France. Eleven proposals from the French Federation of Employee Shareholders Associations to promote employee ownership.
Germany: Why employee share ownership should be encouraged in Germany. Employee share ownership and pension savings are not in competition.
Italy: Assonline wants to shorten the distance that still separates employee ownership in Italy compared to the rest of Europe.
South Africa: Black Mountain Mining has established an employee share ownership plan through consultation between mine management and the National Union of Mineworkers.
UK:  The fall of Anton Group.
USA: For more than a decade, equity compensation where average employees get to own shares of the companies they work for through restricted stock or stock options has declined dramatically in many large publicly-traded corporations. Companies with employee stock ownership had only half as many layoffs as other companies during the last two recessions. Now firms turning to ESOPs.

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A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe

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