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EFES NEWSLETTER - SETIEMBRE 2015 Euro to promote employee ownership
Two billion Euro: On the scale of Europe, this is the estimated tax cost to the US Federal Government for ESOP-specific incentives in 2014 (US$ 1.9 billion). By comparison, a new study was just published on the impact of employee ownership and ESOPs on layoffs and the costs of unemployment to the Federal Government. The data show that employee-owners are far less likely to lose their jobs than non-employee-owners. In turn, these low job losses saved the Federal Government US$17 billion in 2014 alone, making clear that ESOP incentives have been an excellent investment for the taxpayer, for the Federal Government and for the US economy as a whole.
This is exactly what we need in Europe too: The same ESOP model, with the same fiscal incentives, for the same macroeconomic balance. The ESOP  (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is the most effective model in the world for employee ownership in SMEs. It provides private owners with the best way to sell their company to employees, and for employees to become owners at low risk. More information

Press review
We have a selection of 46 remarkable articles in 7 countries in July and August 2015: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, USA.
Austria: Remarkable cases about employee share ownership in Austria: ACP, AMAG, voestalpine.
Belgium: Belgian best-employer 2015 encourages employee share ownership.
France: Remarkable cases in France: CITEL, Thermador. New employee share plan for Vallourec and AXA. A French vision about John Lewis Partnership. New legislation ("Loi Macron") comes back to higher tax incentives for free employee share awards.
Germany: STIHL celebrates 30 years of employee share ownership.
Ireland: The practice of offering share options to employees has, for many companies, increasingly become part of the package.
UK: Employee-owned firms celebrate their model. The Economist doesn't like employee ownership too much. New employee ownership trust for PB Design. Employee-owned Hatfield Colliery closed in June with the loss of 430 jobs.
USA: "ESOP plans, which have been around for decades as a way to spread corporate riches among workers, are back in the news as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other populists look to tackle income inequality." The impact of ESOPs and the costs of unemployment in the USA. New Top-100 ranking of majority employee-owned US companies. How does an employee stock ownership plan work?


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