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We have a selection of 24 remarkable articles in 8 countries in August 2023: Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA.
Czechia: Czech legislation is still an obstacle to the development of employee share ownership. Some advocate a competing device, profit-sharing.
Germany: Government agreement to encourage employee share ownership.
Spain: New employee share plan for Axa.
Italy: There is little to say about employee share ownership in Italy.
Japan: Japan to ease stock-option tax rules to help startups gain talent.
Netherlands: An example of a Dutch-style employee ownership foundation.
UK: Thanks to the Employee Ownership Trust scheme, every day a new SME is transferred to employees. This month, among others, the case of: Scala Consultancy, Instinct Resourcing recruitment, EA Collective Agency, Highland Fuels, Big Group, WCF Limited. With over 13,000 employees, Churchill Group is the largest ever transition to an Employee Ownership Trust.
USA: Growing attention for Employee Ownership Trusts. Workers become millionaires in sale of employee-owned Philadelphia insurance company. BDO to Establish Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Teamshares represents employee ownership for SMEs in private equity style.

Une sélection de 24 articles remarquables dans 8 pays en août 2023: Tchéquie, Allemagne, Espagne, Italie, Japon, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni, États-Unis.
Tchéquie: La législation fait encore obstacle au développement de l'actionnariat salarié. Certains préconisent un dispositif concurrent, l'intéressement.
Allemagne: Accord gouvernemental pour encourager l'actionnariat salarié.
Espagne: Nouveau plan d'actionnariat salarié pour Axa.
Italie: Il y a peu à dire sur l'actionnariat salarié en Italie.
Japon: Le Japon va assouplir les règles fiscales sur les stock-options pour aider les startups.
Pays-Bas: Un exemple de fondation d'actionnariat salarié à la mode néerlandaise.
Royaume Uni: Grâce à la formule du Trust d'Actionnariat Salarié (Employee Ownership Trust), chaque jour une nouvelle PME transférée aux salariés. Ce mois-ci entre autres les cas de: Scala Consultancy, Instinct Resourcing recruitment, EA Collective Agency, Highland Fuels, Big Group, WCF Limited. Avec plus de 13.000 salariés, Churchill Group représente la plus grande transition à un Trust d'Actionnariat Salarié à ce jour.
USA: Intérêt grandissant pour la formule du Trust d'Actionnariat Salarié. Des travailleurs millionnaires grâce à la vente de leur entreprise. BDO passe à un plan ESOP. Teamshares représente l'actionnariat salarié pour les PME en style private equity.
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Nuestar seleccion propone 24 artículos destacados en 8 países en agosto de 2023: Chequia, Alemania, España, Italia, Japón, Países Bajos, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos.
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  Eine Auswahl von 24 bemerkenswerten Artikeln in 8 Ländern im August 2023: Tschechien, Deutschland, Spanien, Italien, Japan, Niederlande, Großbritannien, USA.
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  24 articoli selezionati per agosto 2023 in 8 Stati:
Repubblica Ceca, Germania, Spagna, Italia, Giappone, Paesi Bassi, Regno Unito, Stati Uniti.
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V srpnu 2023 máme výběr 24 pozoruhodných článků ve 8 zemích: Cesko, Nemecko, Španelsko, Itálie, Japonsko, Nizozemsko, Velká Británie, USA.
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2023 augusztusában hónapban 24 figyelemre méltó cikket találtunk 8 országból: Csehország, Németország, Spanyolország, Olaszország, Japán, Hollandia, Egyesült Királyság, USA.
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Mamy wybór 24 niezwyklych artykulów w 8 krajach w sierpniu 2023 r: Czechy, Niemcy, Hiszpania, Wlochy, Japonia, Holandia, Wielka Brytania, USA.
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Een selectie van 24 opmerkelijke artikelen in 8 landen in augustus 2023: Tsjechië, Duitsland, Spanje, Italië, Japan, Nederland, VK, VS.
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CZ      1 - Akciové programy pro zaměstnance brzdí nevýhodné zdanění ...
             Finmag - 8 Aug 2023
             Takzvané ESOP programy (Employee Stock Option Plan či Employee Stock Ownership Plan), česky zaměstnanecké opční akciové plány nebo zaměstnanecké akcie,...
CZ      2 - Místo akcií sdílíme se zaměstnanci zisk, píše šéf Panaxea
             CzechCrunch - 17 Aug 2023
             Zaměstnanecké akcie nemusí vyhovovat každé firmě. Místo toho sdílíme zisk, píše šéf Panaxea. Navzdory pozitivům nejsou programy ESOP univerzálně vhodné.
DE      3 - Verbesserungen für Start-ups und KMU beschlossen
             STB Web - 17 Aug 2023
             Der Steuerfreibetrag bei der Mitarbeiterkapitalbeteiligung wird von bislang 1.440 Euro pro Jahr auf 5.000 Euro erhöht (§ 3 Nr. 39 EStG) und damit auf ein im...
ES      4 - AXA ofrece acciones a más de 110.000 empleados en 40 ...
             DiarioAbierto - 22 Aug 2023
             ... miembros del Plan de Compra de Acciones para Empleados del Grupo Internacional AXA (Plan International d'Actionnariat de Groupe o P.I.A.G.)...
IT      5 - Da dipendenti ad azionisti
             Millionaire - 17 Aug 2023
             Dipendenti azionisti? L'azionariato dei dipendenti, che prescinde da situazioni di crisi, è una procedura e una prassi avanzata ormai in varie nazioni.
JP      6 - Japan to ease stock-option tax rules to help startups gain talent
             Nikkei Asia - 28 Aug 2023
             Japan to ease stock-option tax rules to help startups gain talent ... Currently, the granting of stock options to outside personnel requires ...
NL      7 - Adviseurs van &Morgen en Syndesmo worden mede-eigenaar
             Consultancy.nl - 31 Aug 2023
             Commotion Square, het moederbedrijf van &Morgen en Syndesmo, heeft binnen de gehele organisatie medewerkersparticipatie geïntroduceerd.
UK      8 - Behind the growing popularity of Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)
             Businesses for Sale - 3 Aug 2023
             332 new businesses became employee-owned during 2022, with the number of EOBs standing at more than 1,400 in June 2023 – an increase of 37 per cent in ...
UK      9 - Supply chain and logistics consultancy becomes employee-owned
             Insider Media - 7 Aug 2023
             A Huddersfield-based supply chain and logistics consultancy has become an employee-owned business. Scala has announced its transition to an ...
UK      10 - Employee ownership move for fast-growing Instinct Resourcing
             Onrec - 11 Aug 2023
             A specialist recruitment company has become an employee-owned business as it heads for another record year, with turnover on track to top £11m.
UK      11 - Churchill becomes an employee-owned business
             FMJ - 14 Aug 2023
             Churchill becomes an employee-owned business ... An EOT is a trust that enables a company to become owned by its employees and can be set up by a ...
UK      12 - Creative agency group, EA Collective becomes 100% Employee Owned
             PR Newswire - 18 Aug 2023
             EA Collective and its agencies, Agency EA, Storyhorse and Studio Sage celebrate being 100% employee owned organizations. As of August 8, ...
UK      13 - Scottish firm of over 250 workers becomes employee-owned
             The National - 29 Aug 2023
             Scottish firm of over 250 workers becomes employee-owned <i>(Image: Scottish firm of over 250 workers becomes employee-owned (Image: Highland ...
UK      14 - How an Employee-Owned Business Model Drives Success
             Business News Wales - 30 Aug 2023
             Switching to an employee-owned model can make businesses more profitable, competitive and sustainable whilst sharing the benefits of success with ...
UK       15 - Nick Scott on big group's Transition to an Employee Owned Business
             lbbonline.com - 30 Aug 2023
             Back in June, big group announced its official transition into an Employee-Owned Business. The big group ethos of 'Think big, deliver excellence, ...
UK      16 - McGee owner-employees share half-mil dividend
             Construction Index - 30 Aug 2023
             Staff at employee-owned McGee have shared a £558123 dividend after the business maintained profit levels last year.
US      17 - Workers become millionaires in sale of employee-owned Philadelphia insurance company
             Spot On Mississippi - 4 Aug 2023
             Workers become millionaires in sale of employee-owned Philadelphia insurance company ... Six years after workers acquired their company from second- ...
US      18 - Private equity starting to embrace employee ownership
             Buyouts Insider - 4 Aug 2023
             KKR, a pioneer of employee ownership, is playing an outsized role in this regard. Early on, the firm developed a conviction that an owner mindset – ...
US      19 - Exploring The Benefits Of Employee Ownership Trusts In Corporate Finance
             MacSources - 4 Aug 2023
             While Employee Ownership Trusts share similarities with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), they differ in structure and operation.
US      20 - Understanding the Potential of Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) in Management Buyout ...
             Opportunity Desk - 11 Aug 2023
             Other Employee Ownership Models (e.g., ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plan). While EOTs and ESOPs endorse employee ownership, their structural ...
US      21 - BDO Launches Stock Plan Giving 10,000 Workers Part Ownership
             Bloomberg Law News - 14 Aug 2023
             Defaults are rare as companies with employee ownership plans typically thrive and grow, Rosen said. Grocery chain Publix is the largest employee-owned ...
US      22 - BDO to Establish Employee Stock Ownership Plan as Part of U.S. Restructuring
             The Wall Street Journal - 14 Aug 2023
             Current and future employees will receive beneficial ownership in the accounting firm over time through the ESOP.
US       23 - Large firm shakes up business model with employee stock ownership plan
             Journal of Accountancy - 15 Aug 2023
             Large firm shakes up business model with employee stock ownership plan ... BDO USA, citing a desire to strengthen its business model in part to retain ...
US      24 - Teamshares Raises $245 Million to Revolutionize Small Business Employee Ownership
             Causeartist - 28 Aug 2023
             Teamshares, the leading pioneer in small business employee ownership, ... This benefits not only retiring owners and employee owners but also ...

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