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 We have a selection of 22 remarkable articles in 8 countries in July 2016: Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, USA, South Africa.

  Une sélection de 22 articles remarquables dans 8 pays en juillet 2016: Canada, France, Grande Bretagne, Irlande, Italie, Pologne, USA, Afrique du Sud.
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Abbiamo selezionato 22 articoli da 8 Stati nel Luglio 2016: Canada, Francia, Irlanda, Italia, Polonia, UK, USA, Sudafrica.
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CA      1 - Liberal Government Preserves Favourable Treatment of Stock Options
             Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - 12 July 2016
             Stock options are a useful compensation tool for start-up companies, and we would ensure that employees with up to $100,000 in annual stock option ...
FR      2 - Rémunération des dirigeants : « Le système a atteint ses limites »
             Le Monde - 11 Jul 2016
             Gageons que cela amènera des alliances inédites entre les salariés actionnaires, particulièrement nombreux en France et des fonds comme celui de la ...
FR      3 - Nogent-le-Rotrou. La société Sefard rebondit sur le Scop
             Le Perche - 16 Jul 2016
             Avec ce modèle, nous avons réussi à combiner quelque chose avec au final dessalariés actionnaires de l'entreprise ». Soit une trentaine sur les cinquante qui ...
FR      4 - Natixis: opération 'Mauve 2016' souscrite à 32,4%.
             Boursorama - 27 Jul 2016
             (CercleFinance.com) - Natixis indique que son opération d'actionnariat salarié'Mauve 2016', conduite du 8 avril au 4 mai 2016 inclus, a été suivie par près de ...
FR      5 - Total approuve une politique ambitieuse en faveur de l'actionnariat salarié
             Edubourse.com (Communiqué de presse) - 28 Jul 2016
             à nos yeux la meilleure réponse au débat entre rémunération des actionnaires et rémunération des salariés » a commenté Patrick Pouyanné,
FR      6 - Total's Board Approves Ambitious Plan to Increase Employee ...
             Employee Benefits - 28 Jul 2016
             “Developing employee share ownership is, in our view, the best response to the debate regarding shareholder return and employee compensation. It aligns the ...
FR      7 - VALLOUREC : Vallourec pursues its employee shareholding policy
             GlobeNewswire (press release) - 28 Jul 2016
             ... July 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vallourec announces the implementation of a new employee share ownership offering for the ninth consecutive year.
FR      8 - Vallourec : nouvelle offre d'actionnariat salarié.
             Zonebourse.com - 29 Jul 2016
             Vallourec annonce la mise en place, pour la neuvième année consécutive, d'une nouvelle offre d'actionnariat salarié. Baptisée 'Value 16', elle porte sur un ...
IE      9 - Jobs lobbies Finance for new share option scheme for Irish SMEs
             Irish Independent - 3 July 2016
             Jobs lobbies Finance for new share option scheme for Irish SMEs ... "Employees should not be liable to tax on the exercise of share options.
IT      10 - Ubisoft sta vendendo le proprie azioni ai dipendenti ad un prezzo ...
             Eurogamer.it - 02 Jul 2016
             Per evitare l'acquisizione di altri pacchetti azionari da parte di Vivendi, Ubisoft sta vendendo le proprie quote ai dipendenti ad un prezzo scontato. I dipendenti ...
PL      11 - Pracownicze Plany Kapitałowe – czy to może się udać?
             Bankier - 05 Jul 2016
             Teoretycznie byłaby to „własność prywatna”. ... Jeśli program nie będzie przymusowy (a mam nadzieję, że nie będzie), to partycypacja w nim będzie pewnie ...
UK      12 - Architect finds its place in employee ownership
             Herald Scotland - 2 June 2016
             In fact, more businesses than ever are following the employee owned business (EOB), route. Since 2009 the number of EBOs in Scotland has doubled ...
UK      13 - Lancashire firm adds to its hotel portfolio
             Lancashire Evening Post - 22 July 2016
             Leisureplex employs more than 100 people at its base in Euxton Lane, Chorley, and recently celebrated one year of being an employee-owned ...
US      14 - Freeport-based Warren Construction shifting to employee-owned status
             Press Herald - 11 July 2016
              Company spokesman Gavin Pond said Warren Construction eventually will become completely employee-owned, but that certain variables made it ...
US      15 - Financing an ESOP
             Business West (blog) - 12 July 2016
             In the May 13, 2013 issue of BusinessWest; we penned an article titled “A Primer on the ESOP.” This is an extension of that article that specifically ...
US      16 - Warner bill would encourage stock options for employees of startups
            Augusta Free Press - 13 July 2016
             The Empowering Employees through Stock Ownership Act (EESO), S. 3152, promotes broad-based employee ownership by reducing this barrier to ...
US      17 - Ten Ways to Make Your ESOP Great
             NCEO - 16 July 2016
             On average, ESOPs are wins for everyone—sellers, employees, and the company itself—but the average is pulled up by a handful of stellar ESOP companies
US      18 - Are Employee-Owned Companies The Best Investment Around?
             Forbes - 19 July 2016
             There's no doubt that subjects like income inequality and the growing wealth gap in our society have become topics of much debate in recent years.
US      19 - Employee Stock Ownership Endorsed by Republican Platform
             Yahoo Finance - 19 July 2016
             The ESOP Association is America's largest employer-sponsored advocacy and education association focused on employee stock ownership plans ...
US      20 - As The Political Season Heats Up, So Does Interest In Employee ...
             Forbes - 24 Jul 2016
             That's why it's worth noting how the topic of employee ownership has been popping up with some regularity in the political realm these days. Take, for example ...
US      21 - Is Employee Ownership As American As Apple Pie?
             Forbes - 29 Jul 2016
             There are a few things like baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie that are just so quintessentially American. Is it time to add employee ownership to the list?
ZA      22 - Sharing profits may be better for staff than owning shares
             BDlive - 11 July 2016
             The majority of Esop deals in the mining industry were structured during the commodity boom of the early 2000s, with companies expecting the value ...





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