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27.07.2007: Berlin Conference on October 25, 2007: "Financial Participation in the EU-27"
18.09.2006: Warsaw - November 23-24, 2006: XVth Anniversary of the Polish Association of Employee Ownership - Click here for information
18.09.2006: Birmingham (UK) - October 11, 2006 - Successful elected representatives and employee directors (JOL's seminar)
Birmingham (UK) - October 10, 2006 - Successful management in EO businesses (JOL's seminar)
26.06.2006: Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership - 14-16 December 2006  Theme of the meeting: The European Employee Ownership TOP 100 - Year 2006. For the first time in 2006, we will rank and analyse all European largest companies regarding employee ownership, in a full systematic way. Ranking 2006 will be published during the Sixth European Meeting of Employee Ownership on 14-16 December 2006 in Brussels.
01.06.2006: Bologna - 14 giugno 2006 "Piccoli Azionisti" - le associazioni presentano le loro idee
01.06.2006: Düsseldorf - 14. Juni 2006 "56. Bundeskonferenz der AGP (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Partnerschaft in der Wirtschaft)" - Veranstaltung der AGP und dem Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Mittelstand und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
27.04.2006: PinsentMasons Share Schemes Roadshow 2006 (UK - 18 and 21 September, 10 and 111 October)
22.03.2006: Ireland - Annual Jack Fitzpatrick Lecture for 2006, to be hosted by the Foundation for Research and Education in Employee Ownership in the National College of Ireland, IFSC on Thursday, 6 April at 6.30pm. The lecture will be followed by a wine reception.
17.03.2006: Basque Country, Mondragon University on 13-15 July 2006: 13th Conference of the IAFEP (International Association for the Economics of Participation)
27.01.2006: Cardiff, UK, Conference on September 6-8, 2006: "Reclaiming the Economy: the Role of Cooperative Enterprise, Ownership and Control", Cynoced Campus, University of Wales Institute
26.01.2006: Pinsent Masons' share schemes team: seminars and services in 2006

08.11.2005: Employee Engagement, Conference in Birmingham on December 1, 2005
17.10.2005: Participation, a stake for employment - Conference in the French Senate, November 7, 2005
Employee ownership and participation are now at the top of political and social debates in France.
Click here to get all information and registration form for the conference in the French Senate.
19.09.2005: Fachtagung zur Mitarbeiterbeteiligung
Das Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Partnerschaft in der Wirtschaft e.V. (AGP) und die saarländischen Wirtschaftskammern und -verbände veranstalten am 30. November 2005 von 10 bis 18 Uhr im Saarbrücker Schloss die Fachtagung „Ein Königsweg für mittelständische Betriebe: Mein Familienunternehmen durch Mitarbeiterbeteiligung zukunftssicher machen“. Die Teilnehmer erfahren aus Sicht der Tarifpartner, der Unternehmerfamilie und des Kreditgewerbes, welche Vorteile die Gewinn- und Kapitalbeteiligung bietet. Zahlreiche Praxisbeispiele ermöglichen es, von den Erfahrungen anderer Unternehmen mit der Mitarbeiterbeteiligung zu lernen. Unternehmer, Banken, Rechtsanwälte, Steuerberater und Wissenschaftler beantworten Fragen zum Thema. Weitere Informationen zur Fachtagung bei der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Partnerschaft in der Wirtschaft e.V. Tel. 0561/36044
31.08.2005: EFES Board Meeting in Brussels on September 30 - October 1, 2005: "EFES strategies"
31.08.2005: IAFP Conference in Brussels on September 28-29, 2005 "a model plan for financial participation in the European Union"
23.08.2005: Next European Level Workshop on Financial Participation and HRM, Leiden (NL) October 14, 2005
21.04.2005: Get the programme of the Fifth European Meeting of Employee Ownership and all practical info (pdf)
23.12.2004: the Fifth European Meeting of Employee Ownership will gather 350 people in Brussels on June 16-17, 2005
                       about EOLE (Employee Ownership Learning & Education)

15.12.2004: Het Groot Nederlands Participatieboek, Utrecht op 15 december 2004
28.04.2004: Conference on employee financial participation in Europe, Paris, April 28-29, 2004. Organised by the French organisation "Europe et Société". They are still looking for speakers from EO companies in UK, Spain and other countries. Some EFES members are already registered as speakers: Erik Poutsma, Jean-Claude Mothié, Marc Mathieu. Here the draft programme in pdf. Registration on line on Contact: Jacques Moreau, Executive Manager,

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