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We have a selection of 19 remarkable articles in 5 countries in June 2019: Canada, Finland, France, United Kingdom, USA.
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Une sélection de 19 articles remarquables dans 5 pays en juin 2019: Canada, Finlande, France, USA.
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Nuestar seleccion propone 19 artículos destacados en 5 países en junio de 2019: Canadá, Finlandia, Francia, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos.
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  Eine Auswahl von 19 bemerkenswerten Artikeln in 5 Ländern im Juni 2019: Kanada, Finnland, Frankreich, Großbritannien, USA.
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  19 articoli selezionati per Giugno 2019 in 7 Stati: Canada, Finlandia, Francia, Regno Unito, USA.
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Máme výběr 19 pozoruhodných článků v 5 zemích v cervnu 2019: Kanada, Finsko, Francie, Spojené království, USA.
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2019 június hónapban 19 figyelemre méltó cikket találtunköt országból: Kanada, Finnország, Franciaország, Egyesült Királyság, USA.
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CA      1 - Everything you need to know about the government's new stock option taxation rules
             Financial Post - 28 June 2019
             Here's a quick overview of how employee stock options work, the current ... Under current tax rules, when an employee stock option is exercised, the ...
FI      2 - Yrityksissä yleistyy nyt vanha palkitsemistapa, joka tekee työntekijöistä ...
             Helsingin Sanomat - 30 Jun 2019
             Espoolaiseen tapahtumatoimisto Tapaukseen perustettiin henkilöstörahasto viime syksynä. Voimakkaasti kasvaneen yrityksen työntekijöistä noin 30 eli hieman ...
FR      3 - L'actionnariat salarié se développe
             Les clés du social - 19 June 2019
             L'actionnariat salarié, parti des grandes entreprises dans un but de ... Cela représente 7,5 millions de salariés actionnaires de leur entreprise, chiffre ...
FR      4 - Restitution du Benchmark FAS de l'Actionnariat Salarié 2019
             FAS - Fédération Française des Associations d'Actionnaires Salariés et d'Anciens Salariés - 27 June 2019
             Restitution du Benchmark FAS de l'Actionnariat Salarié 2019. 28 Juin 2019. La restitution du Benchmark FAS de l'Actionnariat Salarié 2019 a eu lieu ...
FR      5 - Les entreprises accélèrent sur l'actionnariat salarié
             Les Échos - 28 June 2019
             En 2019, plus de sept entreprises sur dix comptent plus de 50 % d'actionnaires salariés, révèle la dernière étude réalisée par LHH Altedia pour la ...
FR      6 - Sociétés coopératives : 6,8 mds d'euros de chiffre d'affaires ...
             Carenews - 28 Jun 2019
              La Confédération Générale des Scop a présenté le bilan des sociétés coopératives et participatives (SCOP) et sociétés coopératives d'intérêt collectif (SCIC) de ...
FR      7 - La France, Leader Européen De L'Actionnariat Salarié
             Forbes France - 30 Jun 2019
             L'actionnariat salarié, soit l'entrée des salariés d'une entreprise dans le capital de cette dernière, s'est fortement développé en France, premier pays européen ...
UK      8 - Dukinfield firm becomes employee-owned
             Business Manchester - 5 June 2019
             A coatings company with 85 staff has become employee owned. Northpoint, which is based in Dukinfield, Manchester, was founded in 1976 and since ...
UK      9 - Schumpeter Blue-collar capitalists
             The Economist - 6 June 2019
             Not all schemes work, but studies show that on average employee-owned firms benefit from higher output per worker, a more stable workforce and ...
UK      10 - Will new John Lewis boss ditch Never Knowingly Undersold?
             The Guardian - 7 June 2019
             Probably the best-known price pledge in British retailing has been at the heart of the employee-owned group since 1925, but what was once a virtue ...
UK      11 - Glasgow architect latest to become staff-owned
             The Scotsman - 12 June 2019
             A Glasgow-based architectural practice has become employee owned in a move designed to retain staff and help it make the most of opportunities.
UK      12 - Another AJ100 firm becomes employee-owned
             Architects Journal - 17 June 2019
             BuckleyGrayYeoman has become the 20th AJ100 practice to move to an employee ownership business model. The east London practice followed ...
UK      13 - Employee ownership is a win-win for staff and proprietors
             insider.co.uk - 25 June 2019
             New Hopetoun Gardens is the latest in a growing band of Scottish business which have become employee owned. Owners Dougal Philip and Lesley ...
UK      14 - Scottish care firm Aspire Housing now employee-owned
             The National - 27 June 2019
             A CARE support business has become Scotland's latest staff-owned company, marking employee ownership day. Following the transfer of 100% of ...
US      15 - Interest in employee ownership models growing
             vtdigger.org - 9 June 2019
             ... some form of worker ownership, including Employee Stock Ownership Plans, or ESOPs, ... Interest in employee ownership appears to be rising, said Jamison, who ... and tend to stay at their jobs longer than non-employee-owners.
US      16 - ESOPs rising: Employee ownership gaining traction
             The Business Journal - 10 June 2019
             When people think of employee-owned businesses, large companies such as grocery chain WinCo — with scores of locations across the western U.S. ...
US      17 - Retaining skilled workers with an employee ownership plan
             The Fabricator - 10 June 2019
             On April 24, ATEC Steel announced that it would become a 100 percent employee-owned company through the adoption of an employee stock ...
US      18 - Bernie Sanders Wants Companies to Give Employees Ownership—a Trend That's Already ...
             Fortune - 20 June 2019
             Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, have also joined Sanders in sponsoring legislation to make it easier for people to set up employee-owned ...
US      19 - Selling an ESOP: How Remington Products Sold To Private Equity
             Smart Business Dealmakers - 21 June 2019
             Dealmaking has never been a priority for Rhonda Newman. But after Remington Products Co. received an unsolicited and very attractive offer from a ...


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