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The European Employee Ownership EMP 100 in 2006

Europe's largest companies that are 50% or more employee-owned through an ESOP, share purchase plan, or other share ownership plans, or as a workers' co-operative. Companies must be at least majority employee owned by at least 50% of their full-time employees or by an ESOP or profit sharing plan to qualify. Companies are ranked following their number of employees.

The European Employee Ownership CAP 100 in 2006

  Company Employees Place Country Plan Branche
    (number)     type  
1 Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa 78.455 Mondragon ES Coops all industries, distribution, financial services
2 John Lewis Partnership 64.000 London UK Partnership department stores and supermarkets
3 Consorzio Cooperative Construzioni 20.000 Bologna IT Coop domestic building
4 Coveco - Consorzio Veneto Cooperativo 17.000 Venezia IT Coop building, civil engineering
5 Conscoop 12.500 Forli IT Coop building, civil engineering
6 Manutencoop 12.000 Bologna IT Coop facility management
7 Unipart 10.000 Oxford UK MBO  
8 Arcadis 9.208 Amsterdam NL Trust Ingénierie & services architecturaux
9 Mott MacDonald 9.000 Croydon UK Trust  
10 Team Service 8.000 Roma IT Coop cleaning services
11 Arup Group 7.000 London UK Trust consultancy in built environment
12 CIR Food - Coop Italiana di Ristorazione 6.957 Reggio Emilia IT Coop collective catering
13 Spie Batignolles 6.000 Paris FR MBO+Plans building, civil engineering
14 Cercostruzioni 5.500 Bologna IT Coop building, civil engineering
15 CMC - Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti 5.193 Ravenna IT Coop building, civil engineering
16 La Cascina 5.000 Roma IT Coop collective catering
17 Palmer & Harvey, Mc Lane 4.000 Hove UK MBO/EBO  
18 Greenwich Leisure Ltd 3.800 London UK Coop leisure centers
19 Samse 3.600 Paris FR   Vente au détail d'articles pour la maison et le jardin
20 Sacmi 3.500 Imola IT Coop ceramics, packaging, processing, plastics
21 Magotteaux 2.090 Liège BE MBO metalworking
22 Eaga Partnership 2.000 Newcastle UK Trust energy efficiency services in housing
23 Le Relais 1.819 Bruay FR Coop retrieval
24 COLSER 1.800 Parma IT Coop health and security services
25 Cefla 1.516 Imola IT Coop store fittings, finishing systems, plants, medical equipment
26 L'Operosa 1.500 Bologna IT Coop cleaning and security
27 CONAST 1.500 Brescia IT Coop environment, security at work
28 Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola 1.350 Imola IT Coop ceramics
29 CCPL 1.305 Reggio Emilia IT Coop packaging, energy, building products
30 Novabase SGPS 1.300 Lisboa PT    
31 ETI Elektroelement 1.224 Ljubljana SL Plan electrotechnical products and ceramics, equipments, plastics
32 Kovinoplastika 1.168 Loz SL Plan plastic products, windows, kitchen appliances, tools
33 Unieco 1.080 Reggio Emilia IT Coop building and civil engineering (railways)
34 Acome 1.040 Paris FR Coop systems for telecoms, electric equipment and building
35 Herend Manufactory 1.000 Herend HU ESOP porcelain manufactory
36 L'Audacieuse 968 Paris FR Coop cleaning
37 CPL Concordia 943 Modena IT Coop water, gas, electricity, energy
38 Coopsette 912 Castelnovo IT Coop building, doors, railway superstructures, office furnishing
39 CMB - Coop Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi 900 Carpi IT Coop building, civil engineering
40 Domel 900 Zelesniki SL Plan electromotors and household devices
41 Tullis Russell Group 900 Markinch UK Trust paper manufacturing
42 Gescop 817 Paris FR Coop taxi drivers
43 Snezka Nachod 650 Nachod CZ Coop leather products
44 Erdert 650 Budapest HU ESOP wood trading
45 Scott Bader 625 Wollaston UK Trust plastics
46 Kovotvar Kuty 600 Kuty SK Coop metal products, insulating glass windows
47 Unimerco 585 Sunds DA Plan manufacturer in optimised tooling solutions
48 UTB 541 Paris FR Coop building equipments
49 ITER 534 Ravenna IT Coop building
50 ANER 516 Paris FR Coop cleaning
51 Granat 500 Turnov CZ Coop jewellery
52 ITMA 500 Llanera ES SAL Plan cleaning
53 Cooperativa di Costruzioni 500 Modena IT Coop building
54 Tarnowska Odziez 500 Tarnow PL Coop clothing manufacturer
55 Styl Plzen 470 Plzen CZ Coop clothing, assembling, gaskets, cables
56 KPL 469 Ljubljana SL Plan infrastructure building, roads construction and horticulture
57 Horacke kovodruzstvo Trebic 460 Trebic CZ Coop metalworking
58 Irisa 450 Vzetin CZ Coop christmas ornaments, plastic products, etc.
59 Coop Costruzioni 438 Bologna IT Coop building
60 Holland Colours 435 Apeldoorn NL Plan colouring solutions for plastics and coatings
61 Edil Atellana 430 Casagiove IT Coop building, restoration, archeology
62 Meridionale Servizi 430 Bari IT Coop security and manutention services
63 Grup La Pau 400 Barcelona ES Coops ambulances
64 L'Ancora 400 Brindisi IT Coop logistics for enterprises
65 Obzor 380 Zlin CZ Coop electrical, metal and plastic products
66 Otava 370 Pisek CZ Coop brushes
67 Cyrill Sweett 360 London UK   project advice
68 Swann-Morton 350 Sheffield UK Trust surgical blade manufacturing
69 ECF CER CA 347 La Creche FR Coop drivers training
70 Consorzio Etruria 320 Firenze IT Coop building, civil engineering
71 Barco 313 Paris FR Coop taxi drivers
72 Scotnet 311 Paris FR Coop cleaning
73 Puertas Proma 307 Villacanas ES SAL Plan doors manufacturer
74 Puertas Visel 303 Villacanas ES SAL PLan doors manufacturers
75 3elle La Lavorazione del Legno 301 Modena IT Coop doors and windows manufacturer
76 Dipra 300 Praha CZ Coop manufacturing of bunched cables, car devices, cartonnage,..
77 Dipro 300 Prosec CZ Coop wood products
78 Mogürt 300 Budapest HU ESOP trading and components for road vehicles
79 ESSEVI 300 Milano IT Coop transports and manutention for enterprises
80 Burall Group 300 Wisbech UK Trust printing and packaging
81 Steer Davies Gleave 300 London UK Trust  
82 Le Chèque Déjeuner 276 Paris FR Coop luncheon vouchers and gift tokens
83 Sorgeva 260 Argenta IT Coop biological agriculture, agritourism
84 CISAGEST 260 Ancona IT Coop services for enterprises, management consultancy
85 Vyvoj Trest 250 Trest CZ Coop clothing manufacturer
86 Elko 250 Novy Knin CZ Coop electrical machines, metal working
87 Betsaide 248 Elorrio ES SAL Plan iron manufacturing
88 Le Courrier Picard 225 Amiens FR Coop press
89 ICEL 220 Lugo IT Coop electric cable
90 Imcarvau 217 Valreas FR Coop cases and boxes
91 Uvaterv 210 Budapest HU ESOP engineering consultancy
92 L'Yonne Républicaine 207 Auxerre FR Coop press
93 SACA – Servizio Autonoleggio con Autista 203 Bologna IT Coop transports
94 Textils Mora, S.A.L 202   ES SAL TEXTIL
95 Adrep 202 Marseille FR Coop training
96 Mechanika Prostejov 200 Prostejov CZ Coop metal products for building, cars, advertising
97 Vitrinor 200 Guriezo ES SAL Plan non-stick cookware manufacturer
98 Etiketa 200 Ziri SL Plan print
99 Wilkin & Sons 200 Colchester UK Trust manufacture of cakes, tearooms
100 Golder Associates UK Ltd 200 London UK    




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